The Birth of Coffee is a multiplatform, media project consisting of a book, an international photographic exhibition tour and a complementary web site. The goal of the project is to extend the individual's personal coffee experiences, providing them with an understanding of the many people, places and processes involved in bringing coffee to the table.

To complete this project, the author and photographer traveled a quarter of a million miles to five continents and eight countries documenting and recording the world's coffee cultures. They followed the coffee cycle from a single seed at planting, to harvest, processing, shipping and the final cup.

The Birth of Coffee is a special project of The Image Expedition, a documentary photography organization that produces "visual artifacts" for the next generation.

The Birth of Coffee project has received support from leading companies in the coffee industry.

The following organizations have assisted or endorsed the project:

  • The Specialty Coffee Association of America
  • The National Coffee Association
  • The International Coffee Organization
  • The Association of Brazilian Coffee Exporters           
  • The National Coffee Federation of Colombia
  • The National Coffee Federation of Guatemala 
  • The Kenya Coffee Council  
  • The Ethiopian Coffee Federation
  • The Indonesian Coffee Export Association