From The Birth of Coffee book jacket

A simple cup of coffee: Millions of people greet the morning, take a break, or end a meal with this dark brew. In these brief moments, coffee's rich flavor and  deep aroma are simple pleasures unquestioningly accepted, although few of us ever consider the origins of this evermore popular beverage.

Yet 25  million people wake up thinking about coffee, not simply as a part of their  morning routine, but as the whole of their workday. In The Birth of  Coffee, Daniel Lorenzetti and Linda Rice Lorenzetti explore coffee's profound impact on people in coffee-growing nations. Spanning four continents,  the Lorenzettis' eloquent text and evocative photographs capture the places where coffee is more than a popular beverage, but a force in politics, economics, and history.

From the cloud-covered farms in Colombia to the rugged mountains of Indonesia and the bustling markets of Yemen, the Lorenzettis  find themselves in landscapes dominated by the coffee industry: roads lined with  beans, trails to distant fields, and wild forests of coffee trees. But the  business of coffee easily flows from the fields to all aspects of life: For the people in these photographs, life too is steeped in an industry dependent on nature. Like the slow brewing of its final product, the business of coffee and the life of its workers have remained remarkably unchanged for  centuries.

Despite the big business behind them, coffee often comes to us from small farms where little mechanization is used. Where fields teeming with  coffee trees spring from the mountainous landscape, the process of raising, picking, sun-drying, and sorting coffee beans requires a dexterous and vigilant workforce. As the Lorenzettis observe, by the time a coffee bean is on its way to port, it has moved through dozens of hands.

The Birth of Coffee examines brown gold's impact in Ethiopia, Yemen, Indonesia, Brazil, Colombia,  Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Kenya, accompanied by 100 duotone photographs that Daniel Lorenzetti toned with actual coffee. This startling book will strike  readers with the beauty and substance of the worlds and peoples behind a simple  cup of coffee.

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