Exhibition Dates October 17- November 28th, 2008
Public opening October 24th

Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge
Community Gallery
427 Laurel St. 2nd Floor
Baton Rouge, LA 70801
(225) 344-8558

Sponsored by Community Coffee

The Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge Community Gallery, located at 427 Laurel Street in downtown Baton Rouge, will host the International "Birth of Coffee" Exhibition. Based on the book of the same name by Daniel and Linda Lorenzetti (ISBN: 978-0609606780), the photography exhibit chronicles the life of coffee from seed to cup.

Daniel and Linda Lorenzetti travelled over a quarter of a million miles to five different continents in a span of five years to trace the birth and life of the 2nd most globally traded commodity (second only to oil). The duo-toned silver gelatin photographs specially processed with actual coffee celebrate the distant landscapes, cultural vitality and individual labor that infuse the coffee trade. The exhibition seeks to bring the contributions of coffee farmers around the world into public view to facilitate a better appreciation of the world-wide morning brew. In the Birth of Coffee, Daniel Lorenzetti and Linda Rice Lorenzetti explore coffee's profound impact on people in coffee-growing nations. Spanning five continents, the Lorenzettis' eloquent text and evocative photographs capture the places where coffee is more than a popular beverage, but a force in politics, economics, and history. This exhibition is organized by the Image Expedition and is sponsored by Community Coffee.